Water Crisis in Africa

There are a number of reasons why poverty has become an epidemic in Africa. Poverty can be the result of political instability, ethnic conflicts, climate change and other man-made causes. But one of the greatest causes of poverty in Africa is also the most overlooked…the lack of access to clean drinking water.

Nearly one billion people do not have access to clean, safe water – that’s the equivalent of 1 in 8 people on the planet! For these people, poverty is a fact of life. The good news… This is a solvable problem


Five Reasons to Educate an African Girl—And Change Everything!

For most of us, the idea of not being able to attend school because of one’s gender is unthinkable. But in developing countries, particularly in Africa, it’s all too common for girls to be excluded from formal education. In Sub Saharan Africa, some 16 million girls are not in school. How fitting that this year’s celebration of International Day of the Girl focuses on education.

Why aren’t these girls in school? It’s a tough question to answer— complex social, political, traditional, and economical factors all play a part. Everything from marriage practices to disease, poverty, and seasonal labor requirements contribute to this catastrophe. The result is devastating—only one in four poor African girls attends school.