Community Transformation Centre spearheads innovative community transformation through the following priority areas

Transforming lives through enterprise

Nearly every Kenyan whether working for government or in the private sector has a side hustle. CTC incubates and accelerates ideas to become business entities, mentor and train young micro-entrepreneurs to turn every “side-hustle to become the “main-hustle” through provision of micro-credit to young micro-entrepreneurs who lack sufficient capital and access to credit and savings. We also link creative ideas to capital both nationally and internationally

Mentoring young leaders to lead change in the cities and the nation

Through corporate chaplains program, we train and support career chaplain who serve in the marketplace for effective ministry by believers in the workplace. We mentor young leaders interested in influencing policy and governance in the nation.

Support the development of a transformational citywide workplace ministry model

A model that mobilizes believers to carry the burden of the great commission in their homes, and workplaces. One that builds capacity for churches to disciple and train workplace ministers and one that equips Christian professionals to take their workplaces as platforms for transformation and areas of their calling. We will also develop partnerships and resources to enable professionals in the marketplace fulfill their calling.

Eradicating poverty and releasing wealth to the most vulnerable in society especially children and youth

We recognize that poverty among children is alarming in the global south. As a sustainable engagement with children, we run a kid-entrepreneurs program that aims that at equipping the children with entrepreneurial skills early in life and as a basic socialization to the work world.

Health and Nutrition

This will improve maternal, adolescent, and child nutrition through promotion of local feeding and care practices, nutritious foods, and supplements. It will also strengthen the effectiveness of community referral systems for malnourished children to access care, increases awareness of existing health services, and reinforces health systems in our target population